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Air Cargo Service to Africa

With the improvement of road transit systems in Africa, countries and the intercity transport sector began to develop. With the developing technology, cargo transportation with advanced vehicles is becoming faster. In addition, many problems such as waiting times, transit problems at border crossings, Customs and airports are overcome in a short time. As the Temel Cargo in the foreign cargo sector, Africa also determines the direction of the axis, regularly tracking the entry and exit to countries, ensuring that your cargo goes in the fastest way.

What is shipped to Africa by overseas cargo?

In our country, textile products, spare parts, technological tools, food products, documents and personal private goods can be transported to Africa by cargo. E-commerce products can also be shipped online from our country to African countries and from Africa to our country. It is now faster and safer to send air cargo to Africa with Temel Cargo. Our company can quickly deliver your cargo abroad by shortening all stages for you.

Which countries can I send cargo to Africa?

As Temel Cargo, we send fast and safe cargo to almost all countries in the African continent. Below you can see the countries we ship to .

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